Her Legacy Begins Here…

We want to tell her story through pictures. 

Let us create a memory of your daughter you will never forget and that will become a cherished heirloom for generations to come! ❤

websunset gabbi

Working with AJP Studios in our child’s division gives your daughter a place to grow in confidence.  We use photography as a way to create a foundation for being strong in her own skin and extend personal experience to a whole new level.  We would love the opportunity to work with you and capture this time in your child’s life.  It’s not just a portrait session, it’s an experience.  Let us share it with you.


*Personalized & styled photo shoots


*Portrait Herilooms

*You think it, we create it.

*The opportunity to work with top professionals in the industry

*The chance to capture her childhood

Amber J Photo


For more information about the program for this year, please fill out the information below! Thank you! The AJP KIDS Program is for kids ages 6-12


Introducing Josie {Child Portrait Artist}

“If we give them hope, we give them a future.  If we give them dreams, we give them a chance.  If we give them a chance to laugh, we give ourselves a chance to dream again”

Josie, what a beautiful way to spend an afternoon in Middleburgh NY.  Our country, our valley and our beautiful piece of the world lends a hand at creatively giving us a backdrop to expand our horizons in child portrait art.

Please enjoy Josie as much as I did!!  Your full gallery is on it’s way soon



sneak peek: josie! {child portrait artist}

Remember those moments when anything was possible?   Remember when child like dreams were just as much of a reality as the sunrise and sunset of the day? Those are the moments we need, the moments we live for, the moments to capture.

Sneak Peek of Josie’s child portrait shoot with us.  OHHHHH yes 🙂
josie copy

Sneak Peek: Aleah & Kaitlyn! {Child Portrait Artist}

Our Child Model Rep Aleah asked her bestie, Kaitlyn; to join her for a styled shoot she designed herself! Complete with diner, ice cream cart, hoodsie cups, and period costumes of course! We were so happy to have a little fun with these two and also enjoyed the artistic work of stylists: Sierra from Just Teaze and Felicia Zahara! 


Amber J Photography

who doesn’t love to share a milkshake with their best friend??

A beautiful session with Gabbi!

The ability to stand still for just a moment and see who we really are is a priceless story we tell ourselves.  For these moments are fleeting, so quickly they go that sometimes memories are fast enough to latch on. What a tragedy to lose our memories to fast paced actions, when in reality if we slowed down we would capture so much more.

May I showcase: Gabbi.


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Sneak Peek: Gabbi! {Child Portrait Artist}

Be enough sunshine to save someone else’s heart.

Sneak peek of Child Portrait Model Gabbi.   This another little something I am working on.  Our child models are wrapping up their sessions, but we are excited to announce our fall availability!

For every child deserves to be remembered, every child deserves to tell their story through imagination and creativity and love.

For now is Gabbi’s sneak peek!!

websunset gabbi

Introducing Nola! [Child Portrait Artist}

To believe is half the battle. Nola and her four legged imagination soaked up this Sunday afternoon to play with their dreams and enjoy the freedom that comes with being in a world created just for their moments.

Introducing Nola and Allie and a little bit of creativity.

Nola_Unicorn-3webNola_Unicorn-16a paintwebNola_Unicorn-14DwebNola_Unicorn-10webNola_Unicorn-8awebNola_Unicorn-5awebNola_Unicorn-4awebNola_Unicorn-25webNola_Unicorn-27web

Introducing: Caroline {Child Portrait Artist}

Photographer: Shelly

Guys!!!  Oh my goodness.  I keep looking over these images and I want to be a kid again. Actually I want to be a beautiful young girl posing with horses!  Caroline is an Amber J Child Rep for out studio and she has been amazing. I am so excited to showcase some highlights of her session with us.

These type of images truly showcase who Caroline is in this moment and time.  These moments have been captured forever. Thank you Ms. Caroline!!!

“Childhood is so fleeting that we often even forget what we were like, a photograph, though just a moment, can remind us of who we used to be. A child.”

Hair and make up: Sierra DevlinCaroline-3webCaroline-5webCaroline-11aWebCaroline-14webCaroline-15aWebCaroline-18WebCaroline-21webCaroline-24WebCaroline-26awebCaroline-29aWebCaroline-33aWebCaroline-31aWeb

Sneak Peek: Nola! {Child Portrait Artist}

A little girl will some flowers in her hair and unicorn whispers to dance to.  It’s a small dream come true and we are more than excited to be working on this session right now.

I’ve never wanted to go back to child hood so much!!

Hair and make up: Sierra Devlin


Sneak Peek: Caroline! {Child Portrait Artist}

A girl and her horse. This beautiful young girl is so amazing.  Caroline’s personality shines through in her gentle smile and her love of horses helped us create this styled shoot to lock in a few memories of her childhood.  I look at these images and wonder, will they be on display on her wedding day? (Sorry Jen ha!) but it’s a thought that crosses my mind and I can’t help but be thankful we have the ability to create these keepsakes.

A big thanks to Shelby for letting us use her farm to create this master piece series.  We can’t wait to show off the rest!!

Hair and make up: Sierra Devlin

Photographer: Shelly